Name: Ceramic Beads  model: Ceramic Beads

Ceramic Beads for Flexible Ceramic Pad Heater, Preheater, Tank Track Heater, Channel Heater, Finger Heater Element.

Material & Characteristics

95% Alumina Ceramic Beads from HeatMent™ is manufactured by dry press method and is sintered at temperature upto 1650°C. The production is under careful material selection of high grade alumina spray drying granulation from what we call calcined alumina, thus the stability is maximumly ensured. It enjoys high temperature resistance, excellent insulating property, and efficient thermal conductivity and heat transfer. Thanks to its excellent characteristics, the ceramic beads is widely used as components of ceramic heating pad at operation of pre- and post-weld heat treatment, welding process, stress-relieving, ship-building, other heat-resistance-environment.


Main body bead, pink

2 Main body bead with hole, pink

3 Female end bead , pink

4 Male end bead, pink

5 Small single hole tail bead, pink

Small single hole tail bead, white