Name: Heat treatment machine  model: TDWK-D
For Pre-weld and post weld heat treatment on various projects.

HEAT TREATMENT MACHINE(TDWK) was developed to meet higher accuracy requirements for Pre-weld and post weld heat treatment on various projects.

DZWK series heat treatment equipment adopt a dedicated transformer, giving low voltage power supply of 60V.

DZWK was equipped with Fuji intelligent program controller. The program controller is easy to control and setting, fully functional. Eight heating speed and holding time is available. Each program controller controls one circuit. Each circuit has a built-in ammeter to observe the current. Each channel was protected by fuse and over-heat meter, achieving accurate temperature control.

The chassis is equipped with forced air cooling fan , greatly improving the cooling effect for the equipment and ensuring longer working time. When an emergency occurs, you can press the emergency stop button to stop the equipment.

DXWK is facilitated with temperature recorder of 6 or 12 channel,recording the temperature in the form of curves.