Name: Ceramic Heating Element  model: CP
Ceramic Heating Element for heat treatment.
Ceramic Heating Element is manufactured by multi-strand quality 80/20
Nichrome heating wire through passages within interlocking ceramic beads, complete with two
electrically insulated camlock, which is protected from being heated by cold pure nickle wire
that connects the heating wire. The alumina ceramic beads are made of sintered 95% Alumina
Ceramics. It enjoys high temperature resistance, excellent insulating property, and efficient
thermal conductivity and heat transfer, which provides FCP heaters with exceptional electrical
insulating and thermal condutivity qualities. It can be frequently used up to fifty times at ambient
of 1050°C.
Industry We Serve
Offshore/Onshore Oil and Gas Industries, Power Generating Stations, Refineries, Fabrication and
Welding Shops, Ship Building and Repair,, Pulp & Paper Mills… e.t.c.
Flexible Ceramic Pad heaters (FCP) are generally available to two standard volts: 80VAC, and 60VAC
and using different connectors among different countries, one choice is Brass Camlock Connector, the

other choice is Welding Cable Plug (System DINSE). The specification is refered to Table below

60V heaters

No. Type  Width*Length(mm) Rating   Current   Voltage 
1 CP3-60V 75  *724  2.7kW  45amp 60 volt
2 CP4-60V 102 *533   2.7kW   45amp 60 volt
3 CP6-60V 152 *368  2.7kW 45amp 60 volt
4 CP8-60V   203 *267  2.7kW 45amp 60 volt
5 CP10-60V  254*229  2.7kW 45amp 60 volt
6 CP12-60V 305 *184  2.7kW 45amp 60 volt
7 CP15-60V 380*146 2.7kW 45amp 60 volt
8 CP18-60V 457*127 2.7kW 45amp 60 volt
9 CP21-60V 535*102 2.7kW 45amp 60 volt
10 CP24-60V  610*83 2.7kW 45amp 60 volt
11 CP26-60V 740 *83  2.7kW 45amp 60 volt

80V heaters

No. Type  Width*Length(mm) Rating   Current   Voltage 
1 CP4-80V 102*737 3.6KW 45amp 80 volt
2 CP6-80V 152*501 3.6KW 45amp 80 volt
3 CP8-80V 203*368 3.6KW 45amp 80 volt
4 CP10-80V 254*368 3.6KW 45amp 80 volt
5 CP12-80V 305*248 3.6KW 45amp 80 volt
6 CP15-80V 380*203 3.6KW 45amp 80 volt
7 CP18-80V 457*165 3.6KW 45amp 80 volt
8 CP21-80V 535*145 3.6KW 45amp 80 volt
9 CP24-80V 610*125 3.6KW 45amp 80 volt
10 CP29-80V 740*100 3.6KW 45amp 80 volt
11 CP33-80V 840*85 3.6KW 45amp 80 volt
12 CP36-80V 915*80 3.6KW 45amp 80 volt



Packaging & Shipping

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 1. Why the price is so low?

You are ordering directly from the factory.

 2.Where is your factory located? How can I visit there? 
Our factory is located in Suzhou City, Jiangsu Province, China,about 1 hours bus ride from Shanghai .All our clients, from home or abroad, are warmly welcome to visit us.

 3.What type of payment do you have available?
We accept TT and L/C,as sample order,the Western union,Money gram and Aliexpress is available.

 4.How can I get some samples? 
We are honored to offer you samples. 
5.How does your factory do regarding quality control? 
"Quality is in my hand,customer in our heart”. Topright people always attach great importance to quality controlling from the very beginning to the very end. 


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